🚀 Wen Bitcoin Supply Crunch: IA Math Predictions!📈

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0:00 Introduction
2:24 Inspiration for this Video is MILK ROAD
3:14 ETF Flow after 18 Days
3:45 Total Bitcoin Production in 2024
4:32 Total Bitcoin Production Next 12 Months
5:19 ETF Consumption Scenarios – Next 12 Mths
6:37 $GGLD Gold ETF – Up Only for 8 Years
7:16 Halving Clock – 69 Days To Go
7:27 Bitcoin History and the 90 Day Rule
13:54 Back to Brass Tacks
14:01 Money Flow with Avg $80,000 BTC
16:43 BTC on LILO – Target $126K
17:43 Halving Reminder
18:26 Big Bitcoin Takeaways
20:23 Reminder: 1st Halving w Diminishing Supply
20:48 MicroStrategy buys $37m more BTC
21:44 MSTR Update – If BTC goes to 130K
22:54 MSTR on LILO Target $1,213
23:19 ETF Live Volume Update
24:20 Spot BTC ETF Fee Update
25:26 Sunny Days Ahead – Future is Bright!

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