096 | SCP Short Film [4K]

#SCP #Scifi #Horror

After a terrifying and deadly monster escapes from the SCP Foundation, Inspector Arlia interviews Doctor Daniels, the man responsible for containing the creature. At first Daniels uses the interview to critique and insult the powerful and mysterious 0-5 Council. However, as Arlia shares the horrifying details of the breach, Daniels becomes more and more fearful of the question everyone wants answered: how, exactly, did this happen?

This short film is based on the SCP Foundation Entry 096-1-A by Dr. Dan, and was made possible by donations from all of our Kickstarter Backers. Proudly shot on location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with support from Resolution Rentals and This Is Red Agency. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

►A DARK MATH Production
►In Association with INDIEGROUND FILMS
►Directed/Edited/Visual Effects by KLAY ABELE
►Cinematography by ELIOTT ACEVEDO

Run Time: 23:45
Rating: Mature Audiences Only
Budget: $23k

Link to the SCP article: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-096

Directors Statement:
I want to thank everyone who pledged to help make this film happen. It was a long journey, but I hope you all enjoy the film. Many late nights went in to making this, and I’ve learned a lot throughout the process. Enjoy!

What is the SCP Foundation?
Operating clandestine and worldwide, the Foundation operates beyond jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by every major national government with the task of containing anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena. These anomalies pose a significant threat to global security by threatening either physical or psychological harm.


Legal: Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0 and all concepts originate from http://www.scp-wiki.net and its authors. This video, being derived from this content, is hereby also released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.

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