Are Waist Trainers Good? #waisttrainer #health #fitness

😔 Did you know waist trainers were this damaging?
📝 Not only are waist trainers harmful to your organs but there’s an endless list of other reasons why they do more harm than good.   
🌏 When we live in a world where what we are told to look like is determined by the social norms and latest trends online, it can be hard not to get addicted to seeing your waist look smaller. 
🫁 You don’t have to compress your waist to achieve results. 

♽ Do you want to continue the cycle of searching for short-term fixes or make a lasting sustainable change?   
🪞 Do you want to look in the mirror for the rest of your life with a waist trainer around you, or do you want to look in the mirror knowing you have made a commitment to yourself to make this journey a lifestyle?   
💯 At Body Smart, we support anyone who wants to improve themselves, but there are healthier, safer ways to achieve a smaller waist and sustain it for life.   
⚖️ You can become healthier using methods such as ⤵️ 
🏋️‍♀️ Strength training 
🏃‍♀️ Exercise in general 
😓 Managing your stress better 
😴 Getting better quality sleep 

💯 All of these things can positively impact your body and life. 
🧡 As a community, let’s start embracing who we are instead of trying to conform to the pressures of social norms, creating greater change for future generations.

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