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Automotive Marketing Video Production Details
For this automotive marketing video example, we created a product launch for an automotive dealer vendor, DealerSocket. DealerSocket offers a web-based app and mobile software that offers a fully integrated inventory solution for auto dealers. This tool is the most advanced inventory management tool in the industry.
This video is part of a campaign wide series that will dive deeper into the app with videos explaining more details about every feature of the tool. This is the overview video taking a look at the big picture.
Inventory Plus is an online application that manages the used car business of any dealership. The software is extremely advanced and allows dealerships to make smart decisions when buying and selling used automobiles. This film describes all the modules of this tool.

Key Messages
Platform works on all devices
Web Based App leverages the power of a well established brand
Instill fear in the consumer that they will be left behind without this program
Show range of user’s interaction with app
Embrace the latest technology to stay ahead of your competition
Target Car dealership market

Video Production Services Included
Pre-production / planning
Marketing Strategy
Script writing
Professional Voice Over
Voice-over talent
Music Supervision
Video Production

In this automotive marketing video, we use fear to open up the conversation. In the first 30 seconds, we alert the viewer that doing the same thing will leave you behind. This is a valid statement for almost any technology-driven service or product because advancements tend to move so quickly that things we did a few years ago are now obsolete. The counter challenge with this is the comfort factor. The comfort factor says that people don;t like change. They like to keep doing the same thing over and over again. Smart business know that technology is fast moving and changes are a normal part of evolving to stay ahead of your competition. This is the primary goal of this video in the first 30 seconds. Once we have alarmed audience to consider change, we can tell them all about the newest software from Dealer Socket.

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