Bitcoin Will Be Worth Trillions | Murad Mahmudov

Bitcoin investor Murad Mahmudov, who’s now working on a DeFi/SocialFi project called FTFX, joins Anthony Pompliano for an extended conversation where he outlines why bitcoin will be worth trillions. In this discussion, Murad and Pomp discuss the macro landscape, the role of bitcoin, and his work with STFX.

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0:50 – Evaluating Current Environment
3:30 – Global Hyperinflation Event – Murad Thinks We’re In The Early Innings
6:15 – Central Banks Cant Succeed Without Market Intervention
7:30 – Peaceful Transition vs. Turbulent Transition
10:15 – Role Of Bitcoin In Nation Sates During A Turbulent Transition
10:35 – FTX – SIGN UP TODAY!
12:55 – Mining By Nation States (China Made A Mistake)
14:20 – Bitcoin’s Price – Demonetization Of Other Stores Of Value – Murad Has Higher Conviction
17:15 – 10-20 Year Bitcoin Transition
17:45 – Negatives In Bitcoin’s Maturity
21:00 – Leverage In The System, Removing Pain Out Of The System
25:30 – What Will Define The Next Bitcoin Bull Run
30:10 – Use Cases That Murad is Excited About
30:45 – LEDGER – Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins!
33:05 – Trading on STFX
36:30 – Fees
37:55 – Biggest Risks With STFX
39:00 – Team Working On STFX
40:10 – STFX In The Next Bull Market
41:45 – Crypto Regulation
43:15 – The Bottom Of The Market – View For The End Of The Year
45:00 – Where To Find Murad Online

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