Crypto Bloodbath🔥📉 Time To DCA?

The Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH crash on Aug. 18 saw the top two cryptocurrencies fall to a two-month low and triggered a series of liquidations for thousands of derivative traders. The crypto bloodbath led to billions of dollars worth of hedged positions being liquidated and several traders lost millions of dollars in a single trade.

00:00 intro
00:52 No Grayscale Decision
02:36 $1 Billion Liquidated
04:32 Buy-the-Dip Calls
05:45 Don’t Get Screwed
06:48 Resistance Levels
07:31 Sentiment Data
09:13 Elon Musk Sold Bitcoin?
09:54 China Crash?
11:04 Ethereum Futures ETF Approved
11:43 Darius on Blackrock ETF
13:53 Long-Term vs Short-Term
14:40 outro

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~Crypto Bloodbath🔥📉 Time To DCA?~
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