How to be LOAN FREE fast & forever 2024 onwards? | Debt Trap Free | AssetYogi Show # 3

How to be debt free? Live a loan free life 2024 onwards. We can get freedom from debt trap by managing our loans and debts better.

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We’ll explore 4 strategies to help you manage debts efficiently and identify good and bad loans while taking home loans, car loans, credit card loans, personal loans, and top-up loans according to your wants and needs.
We’ll also understand how to Avoid High Interest Rates and Late Payment Charges by managing our finances.

00:00- Introduction
00:42- Strategies to manage Loans & Debts
01:10- How to pay debt fast?
03:02- Which Loans to be repaid first?
04:20- Credit Card Repayment Tips
05:29- Good Loan vs Bad Loan
09:45- Get Cheapest Loans Always
09:57- Top-up Loan
11:05- Loan Refinancing
12:03- Increase EMI vs Loan Tenure
12:46- Maintaining good CIBIL Score
13:52- Credit Utilization Ratio
14:18- Save and Buy
14:59- Outro

About the Video
To achieve a debt-free life from 2024 onward, it’s essential to navigate our finances prudently and avoid falling into the loans and debt trap. In an era of easy EMIs, purchasing items with deferred payment options can become burdensome without proper financial management. It involves overseeing credit card bills, handling interest rates, avoiding late payment charges, and more. Effectively managing existing loans is a smart step towards concluding them efficiently.
Opting for EMIs has become a convenient choice in today’s scenario, covering various loans such as car loans, home loans, education loans, and top-up loans. Distinguishing between good and bad loans is crucial to avoid financial burdens. While taking EMIs might seem convenient, mismanagement can lead to a debt trap. It’s vital to discern between good and bad loans and align them with our specific needs and wants. This strategic approach is key to attaining financial freedom.
In this video, we’ll cover the following concepts:
• How to be Loan free?
• How to manage Debt and Loans?
• What is Good Debt and Bad Debt?
• Debt free kaise ho?
• What to do with high-interest loans?
• Which Loan to Pay off first?
• Loan Free life kaise banaye?
• What are the benefits of Loan Refinancing?
• How to manage multiple Loans?
• How to get cheapest Loan?
• How to pay Debt fast?
• How to get freedom from debt trap?
• Should we increase EMI or Loan Tenure?
• How to take Top-up Loan?
• How to maintain Credit Utilization Ratio?
• What are the effects of Prepayment on CIBIL score?

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