How to Host a Website On Github Pages

How to Host a website on Github Pages. We can host a static HTML website for free on Github. You can only host static websites (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, including react, angular, bootstrap). You won’t be able to upload a web application with a server (python flask/django, ruby on rails, node.js/express, etc).

The steps are as followed:
1. Create a GitHub account and login
2. Create a repository and name it {username} if it’s a personal website; else, name it whatever you like.
4. Upload your web page files to the new repository
5. Go to settings, pages, and click on source. Change ‘none’ to ‘master’ or ‘main’ (or whichever branch you’d like)

Your website will have this structure: {username}{repository-name}

To add a custom domain to your website, check out this video:


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