How We (Hopefully) Fixed This Defense – Madden 24 Saints Franchise (Year 4) – Ep.74

It’s Year 4 of the Madden 24 Saints Franchise. After two tough seasons forcing us into a rebuild, we’re hoping to emerge as a playoff contender once again. With a new Quarterback and exciting offensive additions, could the pieces be in place for the Saints to compete for the division title?

My Franchise on Madden 24 begins with the New Orleans Saints. The Saints offer a unique challenge compared to any other team looking at their future cap space problems and aging roster. The Saints are not a bad team in 2023 at all. But their future could not be anymore problematic as cap restraints will cause them to move on from players, including some of their aging veterans they still rely on.

I aim for a more sim feel to my Franchises. I play on All Madden sliders that promote a more realistic play style. I have developed my own XP sliders to create a more authentic feel to Franchise in terms of developing young players and replacing regressing veterans.

This will be my biggest Madden 24 series, and I’m excited to get the rebuild underway.

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