Hungarian Goulash with Recipe – open fire cooking in a big bowl

Detailed tutorial for cooking a slightly modified Hungarian Goulash cooked in a big cauldron over an open fire pit (campfire).

Ungarischer Kessel-gulasch Recipe for 10 People:

Part 1: Ingrediens for the first 3 hours of cooking:
70g Clarified Butter
2.5 kg Yellow Onion
2.5 kg Braising Steak or Boneless Beef Shank
8 Gloves of Garlic
5 Tablespoons Mild Paprika
3 Teaspoons Caraway Seeds
Salt to taste
1 Leek
4 Bay Leaves
1 L Beef Broth
2 Chili Peppers
150g Tomato Paste (twice as concentrated)
Pepper to Taste

Part 2: Ingrediens for the final 4th. hour”
1kg Potatoes
1 kg Tomatoes
1.5 kg Peppers (Red, Yellow, Green)
200 g Sour Cream
1 Bottle of Red wine

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