KINGS of the GGBFL?! Fantasy Draft Madden 23 Franchise

Do YOU think we’re the KINGS of the GGBFL now?!
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I reset the NFL with 31 subscribers in Madden 23 franchise mode called The GGBFL. The twist? It’s a fantasy draft in Madden 23 franchise where every team is randomized and owners have no idea which team they’re selecting! Which subscriber of mine can win this Madden 23 fantasy draft franchise? It’ll be one of the toughest CFMs I’ve ever played in!

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – League Updates
2:40 – 1st Quarter
5:23 – 2nd Quarter
7:43 – 3rd Quarter
9:27 – 4th Quarter
11:27 – Outro

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