LIVE: Trump PUT IN HIS PLACE at Federal Trial and MORE | Legal AF

Trial attorneys Ben Meiselas and Michael Popok are back with a new episode of the weekend edition of the LegalAF podcast. On this episode, they debate/discuss: week 1 of the E Jean Carroll PUNITIVE damages case against Trump, with the Judge admonishing both Trump and his lawyer as E Jean and her damages expert take the stand; updates in the DC election interference case against Trump, as we await the the DC Court of Appeals immunity appeal ruling and Judge Chutkan denies Trump’s contempt motion against the Special Counsel; whether Judge Cannon is about to dismiss the Mar a Lago indictment as Trump pushes new and absurd legal theories; whether the Georgia election interference criminal case against Trump and his co conspirators is likely to be dismissed due to the DA’s relationship with her special prosecutor, and so much more from the intersection of law, politics and justice.

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