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To manifest money and become rich, I found that key was to understand money as an energy. There is a frequency to wealth that allows you to start attracting money into your life.

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Money is energy. If you want to get rich and manifest money, and you’re already working hard, the answer might be found in understanding the frequency of money. The frequency of money is one that most people aren’t aware of. Understanding the energy of money will allow you to start to attract money. Most people start new businesses or hire new coaches once things aren’t working. But what they don’t understand is that nothing will change in their financial life if they don’t first change their relationship with money. I was working very hard. I was doing all the right things. I even hired coaches and consultants to help me grow my business. But nothing was working. Once I learned about the frequency of money and changing my relationship with money, I became a millionaire and my financial life started to change very drastically.

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