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Mentavill is a Superbrand.


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Mentavill is a Superbrand.

Mentavill is one of the key players in the Hungarian electronic accessories market.

Founded in 1991, Mentavill is a 100% Hungarian owned company, and a member of Imelco, which unites family-owned electrical product businesses from Europe, North America and Australia, enabling them retain their independence while remaining competitive with multinational companies.

Mentavill offers a comprehensive range of electrical products for consumers, electricians and contractors. Light fixtures, light switches and other “visible” electrical parts are mainly sought by consumers, while “non-visible” accessories, typically requiring specialised installation– are generally purchased by professionals and building contractors.

In addition to the Mentavill brand, the company offers a wide spectrum of high quality electrical items from European manufacturers, delivering products to nearly 500 electrical hardware stores throughout Hungary.

Electrical fittings were first launched under the Mentavill brand name in 2005, with the initial goal of providing affordable, yet fine-quality products.

Since then, the company has been continuously unveiling new types of items: office- and home light fixtures, heaters, bells, sensor. 2014 saw the launch of new LED light sources and LED light fixtures. As of today, some 3,000 Mentavill products are available.

Mentavill has several energy-efficient solutions available for its clients, including light fixtures utilising LED technology, electrical fittings for passive houses, energy-efficient building surveillance networks, and the firm also markets solar cell systems through its partner companies.

Through its continous commitment to reliable quality and excellent value, Mentavill offers an growing range of products, supplying clients in accordance with the highest standards.

Family-like unity is one of the secrets behind Mentavill’s success, together with its tight-knit team of highly-skilled experts, whose diligence and persistence make Mentavill a Superbrand.

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