Mouthpiece Vol 2 – Mob Lawyers – Voice for the Accused – Frank Ragano

Mouthpiece – Voice for the Accused – Frank Ragano
The History Channel

Frank Ragano
Jun 17, 2003
Frank Ragano spent 30 years defending mafia bosses and working as one of Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa’s personal attorneys before walking away.

A fundamental tenet of the American justice system is that everyone is entitled to legal representation. And in a world where criminals can make millions of dollars, it is a natural side effect that they can buy access to some of the most skilled lawyers alive. Narrated by Bruce Cutler, John Gotti’s longtime lawyer, MOUTHPIECE, VOICE OF THE ACCUSED profiles four renowned defense attorneys and the cases that made them famous. (Frank Ragano, Samuel Leibowitz, James Larossa, Robert Simone). MOUTHPIECE: VOICE OF THE ACCUSED chronicles the careers of criminal defense attorneys Frank Ragano, Samuel Leibowitz, James LaRossa, and Robert Simone. Each episode shows how they acquired their infamous clients and details their courtroom tactics and strategies against government prosecutors. Interviews with these Mouthpieces reveal the motives behind what drove them to represent the Mob and their methods to prevent their clients from being convicted. The miniseries recreates actual events using archival footage, dramatizations and exclusive interviews with noted criminal defense attorneys, federal and state justices, law enforcement agents, historians, crime reporters, FBI informants, and other experts in organized crime investigation.

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