Rimfire (1949) Colorized Western | Ron Ormond, Arthur St. Claire | Full Movie | subtitles

Every Man’s Back Was A Target For His VENGEANCE!
An undercover Army captain (James Millican) links missing gold and murder to a gambler’s (Reed Hadley) ghost.

Watch the full original Black & White version 👉 https://youtu.be/A8u-h4Rd8zE

Director: B. Reeves Eason
Writers: Ron Ormond, Arthur St. Claire, Frank Wisbar
Starring: James Millican, Mary Beth Hughes, Reed Hadley

0:00 “Rimfire (1949) Western – A Tense Situation with Weapons, a Mysterious Killer, and a Hunt for Stolen Gold in this Classic Cowboy Full Movie”
2:22 🕒 A group of people are involved in a tense situation where weapons are present.
8:26 🔎 A stranger arrives and offers the judge a drink, while the Abilene Kid reunites with his uncle Jim. The sheriff discusses a recent stagecoach robbery with Barney and the Abilene Kid.
13:15 🔍 A conversation between multiple individuals discussing various topics.
28:29 🎭 A court trial begins with accusations of using marked cards and causing a disturbance in a saloon.
30:00 🚫 A trial is held where witnesses testify that the accused falsified cards and cheated others out of money.
36:47 🔍 The speaker discusses the differences between eggs and the discovery of gold, which may be related to recent events.
44:10 💰 A conversation about a mysterious killer and a plan to track them down.
52:57 💰 A conversation about a mysterious weapon, a surprise visit, and the discovery of a large amount of gold.
58:14 ✨ A plan is made to retrieve stolen gold before nightfall.


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