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🪜 The Stairmaster is AMAZING. You may have seen me on our stories on the one in my gym. I go on it a lot and enjoy it.    
🚫 However, the Stairmaster alone or any exercise will NOT give you abs.    
👉 The truth is most people have abs – but to see them you either need to:    
1️⃣ Get to a lower body fat % where they show    
2️⃣ Have well-developed abdominal muscles to see them at a higher body fat percentage    
❓ So why do people think that the Stairmaster will step their way to a six-pack?    
🥵 The Stairmaster burns a lot of calories in a short space of time but it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll lose fat. You still have to adhere to a consistent calorie deficit.    
🤷‍♂️ Yes, you’re engaging your core muscles but you can’t progressively overload the muscles compared to a direct core workout.    

🤔 So what is the Stairmaster good for?    
🫀 Cardiovascular health    
🧠 Challenging you mentally    
⚡️ An endorphin rush   
🔥 Burning a lot of calories in a short space of time    
🎥 Watching videos in the gym 😂

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