Super 8 film: 2022/04/10 Budai úti Református Templom, Székesfehérvár, “Virágvasárnapi Zenés Áhítat”

Note: during the shooting of several cuts with this camera, I was also visible to the 360-degree video camera ( ) except when I shot upstairs, back on the balcony. For example, the very first cut was shot right at the beginning between 17:03 and 17:05 (look on the left, next to the speaker’s position!), the orchestra leader’s farewell (in this video, 1:09) was shot starting at 1:24:55 (look back!) etc.

360° video:

Regular video:

Photos: (iPhone) / (Fuji X-E1)

All my Székesfehérvár-specific material: />
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