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Today I’m surprising my girlfriend Kat with 100 GIFTS in 24 hours!!

Have you ever wanted to buy your crush 100 gifts in 24 hours?? Well I actually did!! With a Zhong twist of course: I SWAPPED CREDIT CARDS with @NichLmao!! I get to spend his money and he gets to spend mine. I hope he doesn’t spend too much! Kat had no idea what was coming. First I surprised Katt with a puppy party, where she fed the dogs treats and doggy ice cream! Then we went to the store to play GUESS THE PRICE at Walmart, where if you guess the price correctly, you get to buy the item! Kat got the price for the Fortnite Nerf Blaster, but did she cheat?! She got me and Nich with the money prank by tricking us with fake money. Then I got a Disney Frozen mini-car, a Spider-Man scooter, and tons of toys. Next I surprised Cat with a gold limousine, giant pink house (that was haunted??) where we played hide & seek. Then we were hungry so I surprised Kat with a private restaurant where we ordered EVERYTHING ON THE MENU including dessert. But the biggest surprise of all is a 5-star hotel and a DREAM VACATION that we’re going on in 2 weeks. Make sure to turn on notifications! What would you buy with my credit card?? Comment below!!


@Stokes Twins SURPRISING TWIN BROTHER WITH 100 GIFTS IN 24 HOURS!! />@The Royalty Family Eating Only GAS STATION FOOD for 24 Hours!! 🤮 />@Ben Azelart EAT IT AND I’LL PAY FOR IT!! />@Alexa Rivera I SURVIVED WORLD’S LARGEST VS SMALLEST HOUSE!! />
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