The BEST Free Minecraft Server Hosting EVER! | 4 GB RAM | 20 GB Disc | NO LAG

Wow! Another CraftedCroix free hosting tutorial! I TOTALLY didn’t see that one coming!
Today I showed you how to create a server with FalixNodes

START HERE: />(You’ll get one free super renew!)

My Minecraft Servers:
Crafted SMP:
Port for bedrock: 25589
Port for Bedrock: 25576

Support Discord:
FalixNodes Discord:

Old falixnodes tutorial:

How to change your server version:

How to whitelist your minecraft server:

How to install plugins:

How to upload worlds:

00:00 – Intro
00:52 – Creating your Server
01:56 – Starting your server up
02:36 – Adding time
03:13 – Changing important settings
04:18 – Joining your server
05:00 – Remote starting the server
05:33 – Outro

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