The Entire Terminator Franchise Explained

It may be hard to believe that the Terminator franchise is over 30 years old now. The first two movies made James Cameron into one of the most celebrated directors of his day and made Arnold Schwarzenegger into the global superstar he is today.

The ensuing movies in the film franchise have managed to piece together a dystopian and time-traveling past, present, and future that is filled with old and new plotlines that are thrilling to watch, but not always easy to follow.

If you’re just getting into this legendary franchise, here’s a breakdown of the entire Terminator franchise to get you on your way.

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A dark future | 0:00
Dueling time-travelers | 1:37
Sarah Connor is (briefly) victorious | 3:05
Paradoxes on paradoxes | 4:09
He’ll be back | 5:30
It takes a killer | 6:36
Bittersweet battle | 8:08
The timeline gets dark | 9:16
The end of the world | 10:31
Enter The Sarah Connor Chronicles | 11:54
John Connor’s war years | 13:24
The timeline gets wonky | 14:37
The end? | 16:05

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