The Legend Of Boggy Creek I Full Movie 2021| Truedubbed

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A documentary-style drama which questions the existence of a monster in an Arkansas swamp. It is really more of a glimpse at lower-class swamp culture from the seventies, though, than a monster flick.
The Legend of Boggy Creek is a 1972 horror docudrama about the “Fouke Monster”, a Bigfoot-type creature that has been seen in and around Fouke, Arkansas since the 1940s. The film mixes staged interviews with some local residents who claim to have encountered the creature, along with fictitious reenactments of said encounters. Charles B. Pierce, an advertising salesman from Texarkana on the Arkansas/Texas state line, borrowed over $100,000 from a local trucking company, used an old 35mm movie camera and hired locals (mainly high school students) to help make the 85-minute film. The film has generated approximately $20 million in box office revenue.

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