The Only Truth About Best Shared Web Hosting Services

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We’re pretty sure that if you had time to spare, you would invest it into everything that right now, you don’t have time for. You can save time and resources, a lot of it. What does this have to do with the best shared hosting? Even if you have the best shared hosting ever, it doesn’t necessarily mean good hosting, even if the best shared hosting you have is cheap. And that usually means having to spend time fixing broken sites because someone else’s site on your server was hacked, spending more money on security, like an SSL certificate, spending more time optimizing your website for speed to gain more conversions, so on and so forth.

📒 Show notes 📒
00:00 Best Shared Hosting Intro
00:32 What is Shared hosting
00:55 Advantages of Shared hosting
02:10 Disadvantages of Shared hosting
03:57 Automated Hosting
04:23 10Web
04:38 10Web’s advantages
08:42 Automated hosting vs Shared hosting
09:24 10Web pricing
10:24 Conclusion

In the first part of this video, we define the best shared hosting and what are the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting. In the second part of the video we introduce a leading-edge product, Automated WP hosting. Here you will be able to see the difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting. With 10Web automated WordPress hosting, the advantages are endless. Host on the safest and most powerful infrastructure, the Google cloud. Automate your hosting processes such as automated backups, automated updates, and automated optimization. Optimize your website speed and get a 90+ PageSpeed score. These, and much more. Check it out!

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