The Real Money Game: How to Get RICH When You Have Nothing

The Real Money Game: How to Get RICH When You Have Nothing

There are few secrets about money that rich people will never tell you – an actual equation that allows you to become rich from nothing.

It’s a way that is hardly taught in schools if at all, and is often overlooked by those trying to get rich, or achieve their dreams of “financial freedom”.

In this video, we’ll look at precisely what that equation is.

Prologue – 00:00
Wrong beliefs & Wrong Equation – 03:25
Real Money Game – 07:45
Problems Are Future Unicorns – 12:12
Taste The Fruit – 14:29
Why All This – 15:35
Conclusion – 17:59

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“The Millionaire Fastlane”, and “Unscripted” by MJ Demarco, as well as my own opinions and observations on money & wealth building have heavily inspired this content.

Wrong Beliefs About Money
You Want to know how to be rich, but the media, and especially Bollywood always depict them as cruel, evil, corrupt, etc
Do you believe this stereotype?

Everybody is certainly influenced by their upbringing. If somebody grew up poor, then they will believe that their financial future will remain poor. Maybe they make it their goal to generate as much wealth as possible so that they will never grow up in those conditions again – either way, it’s important to note that they may have false beliefs about money which will not serve them well if their goal is to become rich.

The Real Money Game
In today’s world, your income is directly proportional to the value that you create

The cleaner/ sweeper/laborer is paid less than the accountant/surgeon because the cleaner’s job is easy to learn, and they can easily be replaced. The surgeon on the other hand has spent years to reach where he is today and has saved thousands of lives. The market perceives the value of the surgeon to be higher, and therefore he makes substantially more money.

How then are there millionaires or billionaires at such young ages? What is it about people like Gautam Adani, or Mukesh Ambani that make their value so high?


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