The Rise and Fall of the Clock Tower Franchise

Clock Tower is a highly influential, often forgotten horror franchise that has seen incredible highs and lows. Today I want to discuss how the franchise came to be, everything it did right (as well as everything it did wrong), and its impact on the horror genre as a whole.

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00:00 – Intro
2:43 – Clock Tower 1
10:49 – Clock Tower 2
21:04 – Clock Tower: Ghost Head
35:14 – Clock Tower 3
47:07 – Outro

Phantoms – Final Fantasy X
Don’t Cry Jennifer – Clock Tower: The First Fear
First Floor Mansion – Resident Evil (1996)
The Palace of the Insane – Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
Main theme – Clock Tower
The Front Hall – Resident Evil 2 (1998)
The Suspended Doll – Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
Result – Resident Evil 5
Ghost Head – Clock Tower: Ghost Head
Third Floor of the Laboratory – Resident Evil (1996)
Death Trap – Resident Evil (1996)
More Rooms – Resident Evil (1996)
After Rock Attack – Resident Evil (1996)
Sinking Memories – Clock Tower 3
Safe Heaven – Resident Evil (2002)
Life is Beautiful (Whistle Theme) – Deadly Premonition

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