The Three E’s of Online Education – Episode 35 LMScast

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In today’s LMScast episode, Joshua Millage and Chris Badgett talk about the 3 E’s of online education, which are all about how you can create a successful online course and how you can really change someone’s life and help them improve in some way. The 3 E’s of online education are: Educate, Entertain, Execution.

Education entrepreneurs can apply the concept of results in advance in order to keep their students engaged with the online course content. Making the material interesting and fun is often overlooked by educators. And execution takes the course materials out of the intangible realm of ideas and into action steps the student can take with the material they learned.

The 3 E’s of online education are the secret to how you can take your online course to the next level. And after listening to this LMScast episode you’ll be ready to start implementing the 3 E’s in your next online course.

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