Top 4 secrets to know before buying term insurance in India | 2023 | CA Rachana Ranade

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Whenever discussions around term insurance happens, a flurry of questions come to our minds like:
– Till what age should I take the term cover?
– I am getting 20x of my income as a cover! Should I take it all?
– I have heard a lot of a Zero cost term insurance. Does it really make sense?
– There are so many riders in a policy. Which ones should I opt and which ones should I drop?

Answers to all these questions will be discussed in today’s video.

The information contained in this video is presented purely for information purposes only provided as a service to the internet community at large. It does not constitute insurance advice and we do not guarantee the information’s accuracy, adequacy, or completeness.

🔴10:40 Please do your own research before taking any decision. The appropriateness of any policy differs from person to person.

What is covered?
00:00 – Introduction
00:54 – What is an ideal maturity age of the policy?
03:45 – What is an ideal cover for a term plan?
08:05 – Should I buy a Zero Cost term plan?
10:56 – Should I add riders to my term plan?
13:31 – Conclusion

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