VAGUS NERVE STIMULATION • Vagal Music Meditation – frequency to calm down healing relax de-stress

Relaxing Vagus nerve stimulation music for meditation, self-healing and cleanse – calm meditation music to activate your parasympathic nervous system (nervus vagus). calm down, lower your heart rate and relax with this vibrant frequency vagus nerve meditation music. bio resonance to help the body’s self regulatory healing system – detox and cleanse with this relaxing sounds.

Vagus Nerve Meditation Music Download

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Vagus Nerve Exervise:
Breathe and relax is one of the easiest vagus nerve exercise. Lower your heart rate normalize your breathing frequency. Breathe in deeply…and breathe out fully. calm down and relax from daily stress. activate your vagus nerve for healing process and regeneration.
you can listen to this vagus nerve stimulation music while you sleep or meditate or relax, the music is ideal for massage, fall asleep, relaxation and every kind of calming down.

Use this vagus nerve music for vagus nerve exercises to rewire your brain from anxiety.

Polyvagal Stimulation music for Vagus nerve reset to release trauma stored in your body. Music for polyvagal exercises.

listen to the vagus nerve meditation at a low comfortable volume with or without headphones.

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vagus nerve healing music to activate your heart chakra with binaural beats and brain calming meditation music. stress relief and nerve regeneration with vagal stimulation.

vagus nerve stimulation music composed by narayanjot
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Vagal stimulation can be achieved by kundalini yoga, massage and meditation, mindful deep breathing or also by listening to calming and relaxing music. Relaxing music can help you to stimulate your parasympathetic vagal nervous system, the vagus nerve. meditation and deep relaxation may improve your health status and keep your imune system strong, which leads to faster regeneration and activation of healing process.

Be aware, this content is no replacement for a doctor. if you have any health issues please visit a doctor.

The vagus nerve or vagal nervous system is responsible for the regulation of internal organ functions, for example digestion, lower heart rate and relaxation as well as respiratory rate and healing etc.

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