We Are Joining the VALORANT Franchise

We Are Joining the VALORANT Franchise

It’s been the biggest question in VALORANT for awhile, and we can now confirm – WE’RE IN!
The Valorant content will keep flowing and we are honored to be representing EMEA in VCT going into the future.

Follow Team Liquid VALORANT for all updates and to support our roster:

Team Liquid VALORANT – https://twitter.com/LiquidVALORANT
Nivera – https://twitter.com/nivera__
Jamppi – https://twitter.com/Jamppicsgo
ScreaM – https://twitter.com/ScreaM_
Dimasick – https://twitter.com/dimasickcsgo
Soulcas – https://twitter.com/soulcas_
eMIL – https://twitter.com/eMIL_OW

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