WESTERN MOVIES: The Battleground (1967) | Full movie | Western TV Series | Cimarron Strip

WESTERN MOVIE 🤠 Watch THE BATTLEGROUND (1967) full movie on YouTube for Free 🤠 In this episode of Cimarron Strip TV Series, when Congress cancels government leases on range land used by the cattlemen, a range war breaks out between the ranchers and would-be settlers.

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🎥 Genre: Western TV Series
🎬 Directed by: Don Medford
📅 Release Date: 28 September 1967 (USA)
🎦 Season 1
🎦 Episode 4

⭐️ The Battleground (1967) cast:

Stuart Whitman – Marshal Jim Crown
Percy Herbert – MacGregor
Randy Boone – Francis
Jill Townsend – Dulcey
Telly Savalas Telly Savalas … Bear
Warren Oates – Mobeetie
R.G. Armstrong – William Payne
Robert J. Wilke – Hardy Miller (as Robert Wilke)
Hal Needham – Yewcic
Richard Farnsworth – Benefiel (as Dick Farnsworth)
John Hudkins – Chalk
Buff Brady – Wallant
Jerry Brown – Lillard
Seymour Cassel – Spock
Natividad Vacío – Ciego

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