Western | West of The Brazos 1950 (by Thomas Carr) Colorized Movie | Subtitles

A Marshal’s Encounter with Riders, Injured Companions, and a Plot to Catch Cyclone Kid and Claim a Valuable Ranch

Original title: West of The Brazos (1950)

Black & White version: https://youtu.be/fYLusG9oVRk

This film is subtitled in many language options

Director: Thomas Carr
Writers: Ron Ormond, Maurice Tombragel, Robert N. Bradbury
Stars: James Ellison, Russell Hayden, Raymond Hatton, Fuzzy Knight, Julie Adams, Tom Tyler & Gene Roth
Genre: Colorized classics, Western

00:00 Full Movie (Subtitles available)
05:37 A marshal and his companions encounter a group of riders and one of them is injured.
11:55 The group discusses their plan to catch Cyclone Kid and the possibility of a promotion for bringing him in.
15:49 A plan is made to take over a camp and blow it up, while the marshall and his friend are targeted.
30:26 Shamrock Ellison discovers that his mother has died and his supposed brother, James Ellison, is trying to claim their ranch.
36:04 Shamrock Ellison claims to be the legitimate heir to the Lazy Dollar Ranch in a court hearing
39:06 Being questioned In the courtroom about his identity and authority.
43:05 A man claims to have killed a marshal and stolen his badge, but the judge finds him guilty of impersonating an officer.
47:20 A group of men plan to catch highbinders and find Mr. Blythe, the Marshal of the United States.

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