Why I Love Online Education (Real Reason)

A couple of weeks ago, I put a mammoth survey to the students of my online school.

I invited them to tell me exactly what they thought of the course, what they’d change, what was missing, and the all-important question: would they recommend it to a friend?

And to make sure they were rewarded for their time, I pledged to give away a specced-up MacBook Pro to one of the students who responded.

The results were incredible: we had just under 300 students provide in-depth feedback on the course.

You might ask why I bothered.

To many people, my online school is nothing more than a cash generator for me. They assume I make all my money flogging courses, and have never actually accomplished anything.

This video doesn’t address those people, they can think what they want. What I hope it does is give an insight to my followers as to why I do what I do.

The truth is, at 19, I’ve achieved a hell of a lot. I have a ridiculously-profitable digital marketing agency, and could, if I wanted, go and live off the profits in some impossibly-glamorous location.

But, and here’s where my online presence helps me. Because I’ve documented almost every second of my life for the past few years, any one can go back through my old videos or posts and hear me declare my mission.

To reform the education system.

It’s a real mission, and it’s one that I currently sacrifice profitability, my time, and all my efforts to.

The honest truth is, if I cared about nothing but money, I’d be focusing on my real cash-generator: my agency.

But I’m working on something much more important…


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